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The Bugatti Chronos Smartphone Is An Unexpected Treat

Bugatti Chronos Smartphone

Bugatti is once again riding a huge wave of success and awesomeness, with the introduction of their latest supercar, the mind blowing Bugatti Chiron. But the French automaker doesn’t restrict its projects and imagination in any way, which is why we’re now talking about (and gawking at) the Bugatti Chronos Smartphone.

Bugatti has expanded its reach into other fields lately, including clothes, accessories and classy furniture pieces, but they’ve never imagined a handset; until now. Penned down by a team of talented designers, including Mladen Milic, the Bugatti Chronos smartphone concept feels like a delicious mix between the ASUS gaming phone and several LG products, with an obvious touch of luxury and Bugatti goodness.

The back side shows off various textures, including bespoke wood, metal and the works, that mind remind some of you of Motorola’s custom backs.

Bugatti Chronos Smartphone

On a technical level, this chic Bugatti smartphone will brag about a Quad HD 2.5D front panel, with a 5.5 inch diagonal and a main 23 megapixel camera, plus a good 16 megapixel selfie shooter. With 64 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM and a 4,020 mAh battery, the Bugatti Chronos Smartphone won’t get boring or outdated too soon, so you don’t have to worry about changing your smartphone in just a couple of months.

Considering that this device is also waterproof, and features a fingerprint scanner, wireless charging and USB Type C port, people are bound to get attached to it very fast. You should also notice that the section below the camera looks a lot like a ravishing Bugatti supercar, which adds to the overall charm of this smartphone – not to mention the price-tag.

Bugatti Chronos Smartphone


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