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Bugatti’s new Home Collection Is All Kinds Of Stylish

By Victor Baker


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Bugatti Home Collection

The 2016 Salone del Mobile saw Bugatti team up with Luxury Living Group – one of the world’s leading high-end furniture makers – only to reveal the new Bugatti Home Collection, an exclusive range of luxury home and executive furniture.

The new Bugatti Home Collection will transform some of your wildest dreams about elegance and extraordinary lifestyle into reality. And did you know that Carlo Bugatti, the father of Bugatti’s renowned founder Ettore, has designed furniture pieces by himself? Museums around the world even exhibit some of his work.

Under the careful supervision of Bugatti Design and Etienne Salome, head of Bugatti’s Interior design team, Italian architect Carlo Colombo studied and reinterpreted the brand’s DNA – in a unique way, I might add – to create several dreamy pieces of furniture, which will be manufactured and distributed by Luxury Living Group.

Bugatti Home Collection

It seems that complementing the exclusive lifestyle and one’s choices in supercars was Bugatti’s aim from the very beginning. The automaker’s Home collection is a tribute to the flamboyant, with this furniture showing off the same unique style and ideas that Bugatti has been representing for decades.

The signature style features of the French luxury brand include a two-tone color scheme, or the famous Bugatti horseshoe-shaped front grille that are also somehow present in these new furniture pieces. The frames come in carbon fiber, the same used to produce the hulls for Bugatti supercars, working alongside steel, glass and leather, all carefully selected and cut to create stunning surfaces and upholsteries.

Blue Royale, nuances of light blue, and neutral tones such as silver grey, cashmere warm grey and the classic cognac color will make sure this collection makes a great first impression on you. Any thoughts?

Bugatti Home Collection

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