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Inspired from the Middle East: The Guerlain Ambre Éternel Fragrance

Guerlain Ambre Éternel Fragrance

The mesmerizing scents from the Middle East have not been forgotten and by all means, they are still inspiring new fragrances all over the world right now. As proof, the French house Guerlain is set to launch its fifth ‘Middle Eastern’ fragrance, called Ambre Éternel.

The new scent follows in the footsteps of the beautiful 2014 Santal Royal, featuring a similar bottle design, as well as as several similar fragrance notes, with strong woody vibes and hints of leather, neroli, peach, cinnamon, and amber.

The Guerlain Ambre Éternel highlights the amber facet, with other notes including coriander, cinnamon, ambergris, peach and more.

Guerlain Ambre Éternel Fragrance

The bottle of this exquisite fragrance is a dark opaque version of the Aqua Allegoria and Eau de Rituel bottles, with a woolen scarf around the neck added for a stylish effect. The gold touches and design lines hint on the value of the content and remind us all of the inspiration and ancient culture that led to the development of the modern world, as well as this fragrance.

The new scent from Guerlain is already available at Paris Gallery outlets and in the Middle East as well, for AED717  – $195. It should reach the rest of the world by February 2016.

Guerlain Ambre Éternel Fragrance


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