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Kodak & Yves Béhar Improve Upon The Classic Super 8 Camera

By Victor Baker


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Super 8 Camera

Just when people were about to celebrate 50 years of ‘super 8’ film, Kodak showed up at CES 2016 with a revised version of the camera that was beyond stunning. Developed in collaboration with Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar, the camera combines classic features of a ‘super 8’ with digital functionality, to allow new filmmakers to enjoy the classic feel of making a movie.

The Kodak Super 8 camera was designed with robust materials and new ergonomic features to serve the needs of classic Super 8 fans. Featuring an integrated, removable microphone, as well as a digital viewfinder hat that allows imaginative creators to take full advantage of the new top handle style, this camera is more than you could ask for.

Super 8 Camera

The leather accents featured into the top handle and pistol grip will remind you of the good old times, while each camera will be made of machined metal finished in ‘midnight black’ and ‘bone china’ just to make sure that happens. The camera connects to various other devices to make it easy to create, share and archive your creations.

If you’re a big fan of analogue options, don’t worry, the new ‘Super 8’ still delivers these features with the company providing processing and digital transfer in the same package. The lab will send the developed film back and email the creator a password to retrieve digital scans from the cloud, as this is the 21st century, after all.

Surely, fans will appreciate that the new Kodak ‘Super 8’ camera design boasts the same overall look and vibe as it did in 1965.

Super 8 Camera

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