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Hervet Manufacturier’s Futuristic Furniture Shows Off Daft Punk Vibes

By Victor Baker


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Hervet Manufacturier

The brainchild of cousins Cédric Hervet and Nicolas Hervet, Hervet Manufacturier is a furniture and art object label that has been around since 2014. Influenced by the visions of anticipation of the previous century, Hervet’s unique creations have been interestingly linked with another world-famous artist duo: Daft Punk, as Cédric Hervet was the band’s creative director for many years.

That’s why we could see various futuristic moods and sensibilities in these furniture pieces, with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter also joining in on this project to take these beautiful photos for this collection. What can you say about the brand’s $22,860 Audiosatt audio system that’s pictured above? It sure looks incredible, but that’s just a small part of Hervet’s extraordinary furniture store collection.

Hervet Manufacturier

Some of you might remember that three years ago these cousins created a few skateboards inspired by Daft Punk’s instrumental track Da Funk, and the Esprit seat (priced at $12,510) seems to be inspired by the same track.

All these pieces have a cool retro-futuristic design, displaying various ideas and concepts, but I have to admit that Spootnik, a radio installation inspired by a satellite which is priced at $23,760, is my favorite by far. The collection also comprises the Actarus chair ($12,670), the Passager chair and footstool ($15,200), as well as Hervet’s impressive Astrolux light ($2,460). Which one would you prefer?

Hervet Manufacturier


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