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Harry Winston Opus XIII by Ludovic Ballouard

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The Opus series by American jeweler and luxury watchmaker Harry Winston is an exponentially famous collection of exquisite timepieces that amaze even the most accomplished of timekeeping enthusiasts. This year they’re bringing forth a Ludovic Ballouard piece, the Opus XIII – a gadget that challenges even the deepest foundations of watchmaking.

This is quite a piece to be staring at, as the time is being displayed through some sort of illusion created by multiple circular movements – totally different from any conventional hand moving dial – while performing other functions as well. The minutes are being displayed by 59 hands, while the hours are shown by 11 rotating triangles. In addition, there’s a trapdoor putting on a one off show of functionality. The casing of the Opus XIII is crafted from 18-carat white gold and boasts the Harry Winston emblem engraved at the 12 o’clock position. The Opus engraving is found below the 6 o’clock marker.

The watch is 44.25 mm wide and comes covered by a sapphire crystal dome with anti-reflective properties. The dial is fitted with a number of superbly polished rhodium-plated hands and hour-indicating triangles. As for the strapping system, it is crafted from a high grade black alligator hand stitched fabric in cool contrast to the white gold buckle and body. The inside of the Opus XIII is mainly represented by the HW4101 movement with 242 functional jewels throughout its 364 parts. The movement system works at the frequency of 21,600 vibes per hour and sports a 35-hour power reserve. And even though it wasn’t manufactured and designed for diving and getting wet, the Harry Winston Opus XIII  is able to resist depths of up to 30 meters.

You’ll have to rush though, if you want one of these. The limited edition Harry Winston XIII will reportedly be manufactured in just 130 units for worldwide sales. Here’s a video of it.


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