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SS Delphine up for grabs

By Brian Pho


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Originally launched back in 1921 by the Dodge family, SS Delphine is not just a thing of beauty but also a great technological achievement for the beginnings of the 20th century. Truly fantastic, great achievement of Maritime Affairs and Nautics, it has been equipped with the latest and most luxurious in terms of amenities.

Measuring 78.5 meters in length, SS Delphine was fully restored back in 2003. It is able to reach a maximum speed of 12 knots, with a cruising speed of around 9 knots. At the speed of 10 knots, SS Delphine can reach 2,500 nautical miles of range.

Perfectly equipped for even the most squeamish of customers and unimaginably sophisticated, SS Delphine is a vintage steam-powered superyacht, the last one of its kind still on water. It is officially registered as a ship for the passengers, being able to accommodate up to 36 and host up to 150 guests alongside 24 crew members. There’s also a superbly mixed assortment of substances, tones and materials that combines the chic of the beginnings of the 20th century with pieces incorporating today’s technologies, entirely noticeable throughout SS Delphine’s decks.

SS Delphine is a gorgeous architectural marvel as well and many of its features have been stunningly reproduced. For those enjoying huge quantities of brass and varnish, this superyacht is a great thing to choose. Fully operational and endowed with all the possible technologies of today, it complies to modern SOLAS regulations and ensures both safety and comfort to its passengers.

The accommodation units are quite impressive to be honest, fully endowed with en-suite bathrooms, safes, minibars, music systems, telephones for satellite/intercom communication and satellite TVs. There’s also Wi-Fi connectivity on the promenade deck and in the yacht’s smoking room, which is, quite frankly, teeming with leather furniture. The promenade deck also hosts Delphine’s lounge, boasting with elegantly carved, silk-upholstered sofas of the 1920s. The superyacht also includes two classic wooden tenders from the same period, lowered and raised manually. The main deck comprises the music room, fitted with a baby grand piano and a large Jacuzzi / swimming pool which can be filled with either fresh or salt water.


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