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MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation

By Brian Pho


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May I mention how fond I am of my PC? But if I had something like what I’m about to present now I’d definitely be falling in love with it. Computer and IT enthusiasts keep close, as we’ve got something you’ll definitely enjoy – the MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation.

What we have here is an astonishing technical achievement. The latest piece from MWE Lab is a thing of the future, not only showing what will come in terms of IT but also giving you that feel of using high-end technology, way beyond the conventional. Each piece reportedly works depending on the needs of the client, although it isn’t on sale, into mass production. It is strictly manufactured on order.

The contraption mainly consists of an aerodynamic chair, a tail that seems to have been cut from a scorpion and three mother of all touchscreen monitors. It also comes fitted with an air conditioning system, leather upholstery on the seat and therapeutic lighting. There’s also a full array of gizmos and parts available on order, making this piece a highly-customizable item. Furthermore, with a price tag of $44,750, it’s not what we call cheap. The Emperor 1510 though is also on sale, for $6,200, but without the light therapy system and the air filtering system.


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