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The stunning new WATCHe We5S

By Brian Pho


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Many of the youths and folk calling themselves “modern” are probably thinking of watches as useless things unworthy of carrying around when the smartphone or a regular mobile phone does its job with ease and many more. Well, we aren’t like those, we do love all state of the art timepieces we stumble upon. And a particular piece has come into sight now, courtesy of smart watches. But what the brand has done is bring together the functions of a smartphone and implement them into a very cool watch.

The so-called WATCHe We5S is in fact a luxurious piece of gadgetry, a one off mechanical watch set in an adjustable frame designed to fit an iPhone 5. Don’t for one second think this is some kind of technological wonder or innovation – it is more of a fashion-setter, a fashion item, a thing of both beauty and style. The limited edition We5S boasts with a distinct red and black color scheme, in contrast to the iPhone, fitted with 46-hour power reserve, super-Luminova hands and a top notch Swiss-manufactured manually wound 17-jewel mechanical movement. The movement itself is hidden inside a black ruthenium-coated case, while the phone frame, besides boasting a rotating arm and being very easy to install, weighs just 60 grams (2.01 oz).

As the arm of the frame swings out and the case rotates, the skeleton movement or the clock face come into full view. If you want it to act as a stand, you’re able to set it at an angle of 15 degrees, but if you prefer to use it as a timekeeper or charge your phone, you can set it at 155 degrees. This is what makes the combo stand out, a stunning timepiece with the functions of an iPhone 5.

It doesn’t at all come cheap though – the WATCHe We5S costs about 5,555 Swiss Francs or approximately $5,980 US. We’ve also attached a video for you, of an earlier version of this staggering gadget.



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