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Louis Roederer’s Cristal Jeroboam champagne

By Brian Pho


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Jeroboam have long been among the best champagne makers in the world and their accomplishments are all entirely high-stated. The brand is named after the North Israelite Kingdom and has the impressive fame based on the exquisite, one off beverages they produce. The latest product to bear the name is the Louis Roederer limited edition Cristal Jeroboam bottle.

This stunning 400-bottle limited edition is not only a proof of exquisiteness but also something really precious, worthy of collecting. Half of the lot, 200 bottles, are already planned and released for the current year. In fact, there are two special facts about this champagne: one is the exquisite drink found inside, a very special beverage that will probably have you amazed, while the other is the bottle the liquor comes encased in, which, if light is shed upon it in a specific angle, provides a spectacular display of shadows which could’ve only resulted from the hands of experienced manufacturers.

Each of these bottles is a work of art by itself, being fully handcrafted and having taken 4 days of painstaking work. There are two master goldsmiths working with each bottle, while the technique is based on 12 different trades. The design of every bottle has been created with 700 meters of brass dipped in 24-carat gold and 508 silver welded points, both resulting in a really special and superbly looking latticework, a very pleasurable design indeed.

As for the drink, it is one of the most interestingly and specially flavored champagnes of Jeroboam, the 2002 edition. It is considered one of the best-tasting champagnes to have been released during this century, housed by a one off bottle to speak its tales. Each of these can be yours for $26,000. Out of the 400, 200 will reportedly be available in 2013, while the others are to be manufactured in the near future.


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