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Hand-made Mass Effect N7 Armor priced at $1,250

By Adrian Prisca


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For gaming enthusiasts who totally love Mass Effect, the wonderful N7 Armor is ready to transpond them into the virtual world that caught their minds.

The project comes as a follow-up to an interesting statement on bioweapons.com saying that “I’m currently taking requests to custom construct sets of N7 Armor and N8 Rifles. I will only be doing this for a limited amount of time. One, because it’s seriously cutting into my video gaming time, and two, I plan to start construction on my own Skyrim Daedric Armor soon.”

The sci-fi armor is crafted from lightweight yet highly resistant EVA foam and sports Velcro and nylon straps which make it suitable for all sizes. The back of the armor features LED lighting, blue or red, powered by AA batteries, and an on-off switch.

Entirely built by hand, every set takes between 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture. The male set, consisting of an M8 rifle and N7 armor set, costs $1,250, while the more intricate female one costs a little bit more – $1,350.


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