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Romain Jerome’s Art-DNA collection by John M Armleder

By Adrian Prisca


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The fabled Swiss artist John M. Armleder is the latest figure to collaborate with RJ-Romain Jerome. The duo have designed and manufactured a pure collection of artworks, dubbed as the Art-DNA collection. Comprising a total of 10 one off wristwatches, the collection features a recurrent motif in terms of art created by Armleder, the skull.

Inspired from the Amerindian culture, the image used to be found mural paintings and as a cut-out on a mirror. Manuel Emch, the CEO of RJ-Romain Jerome, was the one to choose to team up with the acclaimed artist because he is an enthusiastic collector of contemporary art himself.

The polished, hammered dials of the watches from this stunning collection boast with a raised skull motif appliqué, superbly decorating them. The underside of the appliqué was also lacquered with a color which is revealed by subtle reflections of the rays of light which touch the dials.

As you can see, every piece features a different color, while their casebacks have been engraved with medallions with the artist’s signature, in addition to being individually numbered. No further info has been released in connection to the superb Art-DNA collection, but, to say the least, these gruesomely appointed timepieces are quite interesting.


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