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The Exclusive Jasri Beach Villas in East Bali

By Adrian Prisca


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Found somewhere around 60 miles to the east of the crowded streets of Seminyak and Kuta, the Jasri Beach Villas are a pair of state of the art constructions which lie between the shores of the Indian Ocean and the dense jungle of East Bali. Hard to be spotted, the villas are hidden by the lush local vegetation, making up for an extremely private yet comfortable place to live.

Decked with Merbau wood and handsculpted stone, the villas were penned down by Bali’s Mekar Studio and the architect and, at the same time, owner Warren Sunnland, based on traditional Balinese architecture with bales or pavilions set against a lively background and luxuriously furnished to the max.

They superbly mix up contemporary amenities with traditional Balinese styles, with gorgeous interior spaces that are as functional as they are luxurious. The owner has spent no expense in fitting the Jasri Beach Villas with walk in showers, air conditioning, infinity pool, spa and flatscreen TVs. A starry sky sets upon the villas during the superb Balinese nights, creating a weightless and surreal atmosphere.


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