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Grand Prix Parabolica is the Racecar of Turntables

By Victor Baker


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Grand Prix Parabolica

The popularity of direct-drive turntables, the ones with the record platter connected straight to the motor, reached new highs in these last couple of years, and many analog audiophiles prefer them instead of the modern belt-driven systems right now. That’s why the Colorado-based hi-fi brand Grand Prix Audio came up with the Parabolica, a stunning belt-driven turntable that was recently introduced at the Los Angeles Audio Show.

Showing off a distinctive carbon fiber exterior, that’s reminiscent of racing cars, this high-performance turntable actually bears the name of a particularly challenging turn at the famed Formula 1 racetrack from Monza. And just like today’s supercars, the Grand Prix Parabolica makes use of a carbon fiber monocoque design for extra rigidity and resonance damping, while a 13-pound aluminum platter and a brushless DC motor work on the technical side.

Grand Prix Parabolica

This special design includes a drive system that maintains perfect speed in complete silence, and that’s what we all want, right? The direct-drive option can constantly update the motor with information about the accuracy of its speed. Apparently a single revolution of the platter requires Parabolica to take exactly 150,000 measurements, allowing the motor to adjust its speed in real time.

The result is an ultra-quiet, extremely stable drive system, sans the removable quick-release armboards, and with a price tag that will easily make most of us turn away and run for the hills. Priced at $16,500, the Grand Prix Parabolica will be surely a great conversation starter.

Grand Prix Parabolica

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