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Gorgeous men’s accessories signed Meister

By Brian Pho


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In order to look both while in town or at work, a man has to fit himself with elegant accessories. Well, I’m not personally into rings or anything, but the latest collection of exquisite rings, pendants and pocket tool jewelry signed Meister Men has managed to suspend a large question mark above my head.

For example, the Collapsible Sundial Pendant and the Compass Pendants are some gorgeous things indeed, featuring 2 titanium-crafted coins with 750 grade 18-carat gold adjoined together, making up quite stunning accessories – you’re even bound to use these pendant-cum-pocket tools as compasses and timepieces. They are also quite perfect for geographical exploration and reading time. In terms of pricing, the Sundial pendant will set you back £900 (around $1,360), while the Compass pendant costs £1,990 (approximately $3,000).

The collection also comprises some stunningly elegant rings as well. The Meister Square Signet Ring is priced at £425 ($645) and boasts with exquisite manufacture through intricate engineering. Men who can afford such pieces are able to choose from a few options – there is, for example, a model crafted from Damascus steel or even one which sports polished fossilized dinosaur bone.

They can further be garnished with 18-carat yellow gold engravings. Ever wondered where the limits of personalization are? Well, these rings here are something you should definitely consider, as you can even take your fingerprint and engrave it on a matte finished titanium base and even fitted with further red gold decorations.

There are also some amulets available, like these ones finished with Damascus steel or polished fossilized dinosaur bone, on a titanium base, just like the aforementioned rings. They are even available with titanium and 750 grade red gold embellishments.

The same series encompasses some gorgeous bracelets, like this magnetic one priced at £710 ($1,075). It is crafted with high precision and garnished with a matte titanium clasp locking together with a magnetic strip, which is in-built. The black material is pure black rubber.


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