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The wild Marataba Safari Company

By Brian Pho


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The Marataba Safari Company is a gorgeous secluded luxury camp deep in one of South Africa’s most renowned national parks – the Marakele. Part of Hunter Hotels, the camp puts you as close to a relaxing siesta or a cozy bath in the private pool as to the famous African wildlife.

Found in the eastern sector of Marakele National Park, Marataba Safari Company is right at the base of the Waterberg Mountains, in western Limpopo, a three hours’ drive away north from Johannesburg. Guests are able to negotiate on transfers and transports with the staff of the resort, as they can either chose charter flights or car rentals from Johannesburg.

There is the possibility of not stumbling upon wild lions or elephants, that’s actually based on chance, but the main aspect of Marataba Safari Company is that your stay here would be quite an unforgettable experience. It is, though, improbable not to see any leopards, rhinos, buffalos, leopards, elephants or lions, as the area is rather teeming with them. The cozy accommodation on the other hand, consists of 12 gorgeous tent suites, the gourmet African cuisine is incredibly tasty, while the natural environment that flanks and surrounds the lodge is absolutely superb.

Don’t expect to bring daily stress with you – it’ll fade off in seconds after your arrival. The 240 square kilometers of superb wilderness will provide you with enough rejuvenation that once you get to work, your results will be way above positive. Life at Marataba is as simple as possible yet it will provide you with enough memories to spend hours and hours spieling to your friends.

So, let’s just imagine the program of a regular day at Marataba. A discreet wake-up call starts your day, inviting you to feast on a tasty breakfast. The morning safari is next, followed by a long, delicious launch. After the launch, you may chose to either do your siesta or to either get acquainted to the warm waters of the pool. Before embarking on the second safari, try taking some sips of a special tea, made from local plants, than do the “walk of the day”. The return will provide you with ample time of relating you daily stories to other people at the camp, over at dinner, followed by a gorgeous cocktail and lounge. One advice for you: head to bed early, to be able to enjoy the safaris of the next day at the max.

Nightly rates at Marataba Safari Company start at ZAR 3,750 or $408.


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