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The Pedal Pub for St. Patrick’s Day

By Brian Pho


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Although we’re a little bit late, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most important Irish yearly celebrations. It has become a custom as much as it means culture, with increasingly more brands aiming towards implementing reminders of the event into their works. So is Hammacher Schlemmer, who brings us the Pedal Pub, a contraption able to serve as many as 17 passengers.

Boasting a price tag of $40,000, the Pedal Pub is the ideal mobile pub to suite every day out with your close friends. This very weird apparatus was crafted in the Netherlands from high grade stainless steel. Each side of the Pedal Pub boasts 5 paddles, which, assisted by the front-placed driver, allow this contraption to move with as much as 5 mph upon flat ground. In order to conduct this small orchestra properly, the driver has to sit at a lower position, on a deck placed in the middle of the Pedal Pub, while his assistants ensure movement from the sides. The rear seat is able to accommodate 5 additional passengers.

Most importantly, the drink is being stored by the wine barrel located at the front of the vehicle. Let’s not forget, the barrel needs to be connected to the tap on the bar counter, in order for the passengers to be able to enjoy its containment. And to be able to ensure a more than nice atmosphere to its passengers, the Pedal Pub is fitted with a 4-speaker audio system which plays tracks via AM/FM radio or MP3 connectivity. Make sure no “rider” weighs more than 300 lbs though – it might spoil your journey.


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