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Ginza Tanaka designs the Most Expensive Christmas Tree

By Adrian Prisca


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While many of us have even forgotten Christmas traditions, we are now being invited to get attuned to them once again, through marvelous decorations and holiday specialties. For example, the actress Olivia Wilde unveils the star that will be mounted atop the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, made of Swarovski crystals, while the Japanese jewel-crafter Ginza Tanaka designed a Christmas-Tree made of gold, that’s worth around $1.95 million.

The Gold Christmas Tree weighs around 12kg, it’s made of solid gold and measures around 2.4 meters in height. The tree comprises pure gold heart-shaped ornaments, ribbons and it’s decorated with plates made out of the same metal. The creator has it on display in Tokyo, at the Ginza store, until the 25th of December.

If it’s not the most exquisite Christmas tree in the world, than it’s surely the most valuable thing signed by the creator. It’s not Ginza’s first though; in 2006, her previous golden Christmas tree was worth $850,000.

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