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Ferguson Hill home theatre system with acrylic horn speakers

By Adrian Prisca


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The tech fans worldwide have one more reason to be excited nowadays, due to the latest invention signed Ferguson Hill. They’ve created a sleek home-theater system with transparent instances, an opaque acoustic box and a beautiful all-over layout. The Ferguson Hill FH-009 Home Theater System represents innovation, which is the major characteristic that defines FH.

The transparent instances are made of an acrylic-based material, combining both the sense of aesthetics and elegance with top-notch technology. The package comprises 2 bass-speakers, with integrated amplifiers and controls, and a pair of transparent floor-speakers shaped like horns.

The case that contains the amplifiers is optional in two tones, black and white, at customer’s wish, and will have see-through props. The Television comes at customer’s choice. The props can also be mounted on walls, if the on-floor setup isn’t the fittest for the client, for example home theatres and residential sound systems. One of the greatest assets of this home-theater system is the quality of the sound it provides. It’ll surely fit any science-geek or rich-boy that wants clarity at high volumes.

The sound amplification is done by the two 32W speakers in the central console and the two 32W transparent acrylic floor-standing speakers. There are also a USB port for any music-storage devices you may own and 2 sets of line-ins with 3.5mm stereo input.

We recommend pre-ordering this system to whoever wants to buy it, because the production number is limited. Each set will cost £796, or $1,239.


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