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Gold Hand and Foot Chair created by Pedro Friedeberg

Many of us wonder what can bring us the most comfort. Is it a chair, is it a sofa, is it a room full of relaxing amenities, or an outdoor pool with Jacuzzi jets popping from all sides. Well, until we discover the perfect answer to this question, we present you a not-so-comfortable version of chair.

The physical convenience of this one is not its best ace, but a mind-based one may be. We are delighted to present you the creation of Pedro Friedeberg – a golden chair that resembles an open hand with a prop in the shape of four not-so-good-looking legs. It bears a 20th century weird design, referred to as “iconic and amazing”.

If you like this idea and you have around $17,000 to spend, you may purchase this one-of-a-kind gold-leafed sculpture. But I’m pretty sure there are so many super comfy outdoor rocking chairs that would complement your body a lot better.


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