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Fonderie 47 luxury cufflinks made from melted AK-47s

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’re the type of guy or lady that wears elegant or cool watches, different types of bracelets and other trims and accessories, or even a gun addict, you should consider what Fonderie 47 has in store for you. The Fonderie 47 Transforming Cufflinks are something that you won’t meet in every shop.

In fact, they’re unique, representing the debut of the Fonderie 47 brand. Designed by Roland Iten, they are shaped like something between a bracelet and a watch. Comprising the same mechanism that’s used to create Swiss watches, the cufflinks will be plated with 18k rose and white gold, with metal recycled from AK-47s found throughout Africa.

If the pair is clipped together, it can fit as a bracelet, otherwise they represent cufflinks. In spite of the watch connection they have, Roland Iten declared that he hasn’t made or sold any watch yet, but he designed some prototypes.

Designed and crafted with a specific role, to disprove any forms of violence that end with AK-47 guns, the producers say that one pair of cuffs eliminates 100 guns. Their production is limited to 20 pieces, each one with a price tag of $32,630.


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