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Bubba Watson’s Floating BW1 Golf Cart

By Brian Pho


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We’ve heard of Bubba Watson’s weirdly crazy character but, to be honest, what he came up with has had us completely baffled. It’s a golf court travelling solution that’s as odd as an 80-year old granny playing the putter-game – it’s the BW1 Golf Cart.

It seems like Bubba, Oakley and the entire PGA are getting annoyed by the footprints left on the courts, therefore you can imagine where this is going. Yes, it won’t leave any trace on the turf, because it’s a hovercraft which floats above water and grassed grounds on an air pillow. Well, it may be extremely welcome for the business and pretty good looking as well, but it won’t actually be called a standard anytime soon. It is still a concept waiting official approval and mass production but from our point of view it shall already replace its wheeled siblings.

The BW1 Golf Cart was developed and manufactured by Neoteric Hovercraft Inc., a company from Indiana. It’s faster than the wheeled carts, it is better looking, it is way more fun to drive and it probably won’t bear price tags similar to superyachts – so why not manufacturing it already? It will definitely add some excitement and fun to the stillness of golf.

Well, to put it shortly, this machine is a hovercraft made for professional and personal purposes, which has been converted into a flawless golf cart. You may order yours for somewhere around $32,000.

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