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THG Lalique crystal faucets

By Brian Pho


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It’d be folly to trim up your entire home with luxury amenities and fixtures and leave your bathroom unattended. This is why we got manufacturers like THG with us – and this time they’ve come up with a gorgeous set of faucets featuring all sorts of fairytale characters.

So, a world of fairies and butterflies unfolds before your foggy eyes in the early morning, bringing back long childhood memories in a sort of luxurious, delicate way. THG has reportedly launched three different sets of lavatory faucets.

The Ange (which means angel in French) set boasts some cylindrical Lalique crystal faucets garnished with cherubs which confer them the “illusion of floating on a bed of clouds”. The prices for these start at $18,450.

The next one on the list is the Papillion (this is how French people refer to butterflies) which sports two incredibly beautiful butterflies on both sides of the faucet, appearing to be ready to get launched into thin air. This collection starts at $6,260.

The third collection is the Naiade (this is some sort of water nymph creature) – in fact, this is the best artistically executed collection of the lot, featuring delicate crystal polished taps with gold finished handles. This collection starts at the cheapest price – $4,645.


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