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Resplendent Catchpole & Rye Crystal Bateau

By Brian Pho


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We’ve seen Swarovski crystals applied to all sorts of surfaces and accessories, even on cars, but this is the first time we come across a bathtub encrusted with such stones. This glittering tub was created by Catchpole & Rye through traditional manufacture, artisanal techniques and precise planning, at the company’s foundry in Kent.

Dubbed the Crystal Bateau, this luxurious fixture has had the Swarovski crystals applied to it individually, by hand, having taken quite a considerable lot of time to finish. The all-white crystals we notice on the tub are of four different sorts, adding a full sparkling effect to a fixture that’s meant to ensure relaxation in the first place. What could be nicer? However, if you don’t feel like opting for the white crystals, Catchpole & Rye can have your tub garnished with crystals of several different tones like green, blue or even gold-colored crystals.

There’re more customization options – your name may be added on it, alongside all sorts of logos or crests in the shade of your choice. Furthermore, having been crafted from cast metal with enameled interior, the glamorous tub boasts claw-like feet, while the stones were encrusted on it by using a Bluetac-covered pencil tip.

You may have your own, personal, privately customized Catchpole & Rye Crystal Bateau at an order price of £150,000 (or around $228,000) from Harrods. And there’s more – a smaller, jewel-embellished version is available for purchase as well, the Baby Bateau, and it can be yours at £120,000 (around $182,000).


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