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Eye-catching oceanfront residence in Hawaii

By Brian Pho


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Well, these are some gorgeous photos indeed, we might have made you think this is some sort of exotic resort, somewhere in the middle of paradise, under the warming rays of the sun, on the shores of the Pacific. Yes, most of it is entirely true, except a single, specific and extremely important detail – it’s a home, a genuine family residence, not a resort, in Hawaii!

This intimate corner of family living is currently listed for sale on Sotheby’s for a whopping $9.5 million. But it is so much worth it, that it seems quite a bargain to me. It’s impressively large and boasts with a stunningly original layout with three bedrooms and a plethora of outdoor leisure features. The base floor is entirely open-plan, with a series of pillars supporting the upper floor and separating different, distinctively organized spaces. Moreover, the mansion is almost completely surrounded by lush vegetation and a pond.

Due to the one off location it occupies, the estate is quite a pleasant place to sit in. A description states: “Launch your windsurfer, stand-up board or kayak from your own backyard located on this exclusive cove in Spreckelsville. Built to last a lifetime the home has a travertine exterior as well as travertine lanai floors, a copper shingle roof, copper clad windows and copper roll-up garage doors. 16 poured concrete columns support the dramatic cantilevered upper level. Walk inside and feel as though you are on the ocean.” Utterly fantastic!


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