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Exquisite La Panthère Extrait Special Edition Fragrance by Cartier

By Brody Patterson


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Cartier is a high-end French brand known for its exquisite jewelry and magnificent watches, but it is also quite adept at creating fine perfumes for both women and men.

A few months ago, the maison released a fragrance called La Panthère, featuring a surprising scent which is initially sweet, then turns into a warm, mossy fragrance afterwards which absolutely fills the room. Now, Cartier is unveiling a special edition of this fantastic fragrance called La Panthère Extrait.

The new product has a wilder vibe about it, fruity, woody, and with a velvet touch of iris and gardenia. It is just as warm as its predecessor and at least as intense, two qualities which become apparent as soon as you spray some of it in the air around you.

Created by Cartier’s perfumer Mathilde Laurent, La Panthère Extrait comes in a beautiful bottle which is presented in an extravagant box wrapped in gold wire. The tiny 15ml recipient costs €170 (which is about $210).

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