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eJOUX Interactive Electronic Jewelry by Biju Neyyan

Biju Neyyan has imagined a different future for jewelry and designed an exciting collection of interactive electronic jewelry called eJOUX. His jewelry could display any text or animation you desire and will turn your wrist or neck into an instant eye catcher!

The modern jewelry project consists of a Bluetooth device to which you can upload your own design, animation or even functionality that will be displayed on one screen that’s all around the band. When connected to the music player, this interactive jewelry will display the track you’re listening to or even a sound activated animation.

This eJOUX could be the perfect jewelry choice for gadget/tech lovers and the electronic flexible screen technology could be used anytime to surprise your friends. We don’t know yet if this jewelry is already available on the market but we know for sure that we’d love to see it there.



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