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Don Vino wine table from Chicone Cabinetmakers

By Adrian Prisca


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If you love wine you will probably like this cool wine table called Don Vino which was designed by the guys from Chicone Cabinetmakers. This wine table is perfect for wine connoisseurs who want to showcase their precious collection offering a really elegant solution for this, blending style with functionality.

The Don Vino wine table was inspired by the oak barrels that line the cellars of regional wineries and it can normally accommodate 16 of your favorite bottles of wine. But it’s design is also customizable and you can go for the Don Vino table with hand-bent barrel legs or ball and claw.

Chicone Cabinetmakers offers a range of American hardwoods including oak, cherry, maple and walnut for this lovely table but customers could also order one in exotic hardwoods as well. Each Don Vino wine table is custom built by hand and it costs $2,400.


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