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The Obaku V140G is the world’s slimmest sports watch

By Adrian Prisca


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The Danish watch brand Obaku is going to introduce their newest timepiece, the Obaku V140G sports watch at BaselWorld 2011, a watch that they claim to be the world’s slimmest sport watch.  The watch brand is based on the fusion between the Japanese Zen philosophy with the clean lines from Danish design traditions, incorporating the best elements from both worlds.

The combination of clean, Danish design with a sport feel is noticeable even in the smallest details of this watch and its slim expression, along with the sporty appearance of the bezel, hands and dial, gives this watch a unique and beautiful look. Most sport watches have large bezels, thick cases and many functions but the Obaku V140G is still sporty but it’s also really slim.

This timepiece has its index shortened to a small square to give a clean impression while still leaving enough space in the dial to give the face of the watch an open appeal. The bezel of the watch has only four numbers and clean lines which make this watch look sporty but stylish as a designer watch as well.


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