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The Imperia GP will be an amazing hybrid retro car

By Adrian Prisca


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You’ve probably never heard of a car called “Imperia GP” until now but this new Belgian hybrid prototype might put the “cool” and “retro” in the next hybrid cars. The Imperia GP hybrid has been recently unveiled at the Belgian Auto Show and it’s set to go into production in the next months.

While many automakers are trying to make their future hybrid cars as modern and aggressive as they can, the Imperia GP has a delightful retro design that everyone will fall for. This Belgian retro hybrid has a powertrain which consists of a 207-horsepower 1.6L four cylinder turbo engines and a 134-horsepower electric motor.

Driven only by its electric motor, the car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in just 6 seconds but it gets even better when the gasoline engine kicks in which will help it go to 100 in just 4 seconds. The first edition of the Imperia GP will be priced at a staggering 120,000 Euro and the next models will be priced at 90,000 each when the car will hit the market.


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