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Concept Fujitsu Lifebook with smartphone, tablet and digital camera

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’re not a tech-enthusiast, then you should know that carrying with you a laptop, a tablet, a digital camera and a smart-phone is no easy business. Now, what if we could combine all these, including their computing power, into one device, lighter and compact?

Well, it has been done already, courtesy of a designer’s concept called the Fujitsu Lifebook. It features all the upper-mentioned gadgets in one unit, combining their thinking power.

Named Lifebook 2013, the project was penned down by Prashant Chandra, on the occasion of a competition launched by Fujitsu. The device has slots for the different devices, being able to connect to each one of them and using their computing power, all resembling a laptop.

The camera can be slid into the front of the laptop, the pictures or movies contained by it being easier to download. A smart-phone or mp3-player can help with some music or file-sharing. Now, you’re probably wondering why this system has no keyboard. Well, it does, the tablet can be used as one, as well as a second display or digital-sketchpad.

Plus, if their software gets old, all the structures can be updated at once, as one sole device. Furthermore, this laptop (it is mainly a laptop) is one way to keep data unique in your PC, not having it doubled, like same pictures both on the camera and in the laptop’s memory, music, files etc.

Although there is some limitation towards the number and types of devices usable and compatible with this gadget, we’re looking forward to hearing some more about this enjoyable project that could make our life much easier and so more efficient.


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