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The Pacific Resort Aitutaki in Southern Cook Islands

By Adrian Prisca


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This has to be one of the most remote resorts we have presented so far, but also one of the most beautiful ones as well. Located on the Aitutaki Island, part of the Cook archipelago, this resort isn’t currently an international direct destination. The access is made through Rarotonga, Cook’s biggest island. There are five daily flights from Rarotonga that last for 45 minutes.

The hotel is sitting somewhere around the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far away from the busy life on the continents. The resort itself features 27 extravagant bungalows, suits and villas, all of them constructed on the triangular atoll.

The best thing to do over here besides lounging is to admire the gorgeous ocean and its wildlife, be it through fishing, sailing, snorkeling or by visiting a local attraction, the Research Station of the Ministry of Marine Resources. The Rapae Bay Restaurant is a great way to enjoy the traditional local cuisine, in a superb ambiance, surrounded with breathtaking views.

The local seafood, spiced with typical aromas, like garlic, ginger or chili, offers a great culinary experience. On the other hand, the New Zealand Spring Lamb offers more privacy. Starting at $657 per night, this resort offers a lot of high-end services and exquisite experiences for a price that sounds more like a bargain. Come and see for yourself!


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