Tenaya Residence in Las Vegas, Nevada is up for sale

Even though there is a large number of possible preferences for residential locations, depending on price, noise, city, country-side and many more criteria, one thing is certain: there are few people that would not want to live somewhere near Las Vegas. Although for some, the casino is alluring so you may want to compare credit cards before making the move as outrageous rates will quickly dent your wallet. Furthermore, Nevada, is a great spot to grow a family and enjoy a wealthy lifestyle, same as this particular estate.

The Tenaya Residence was penned down by DesignCell, a studio from Las Vegas. The current owner and builder of it is Sergey Sergeyewsky, who presented a batch of photos taken at the residence, which are more than enough to describe the place. The building was completed in 2011 and takes over 6,709 square feet of terrain.

The two-storey modern-day home features five exquisite bedrooms and five large bathrooms, as well as a great deal of amenities and luxurious decorations. The property is currently for sale, the house being listed on Ken Lowman’s team behalf. The cost for such an extravagant estate is at the moment set at $2,5 million.