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Clive Christian’s Noble Collection Has Two New Fragrances

By Victor Baker


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Clive Christian Noble Collection

Clive Christian‘s amazing Noble Collection has a new cologne duo on display right now, a delightful rococo pair devoted to the magnolia and immortal flowers. Simply called VIII ROCOCO MAGNOLIA and VIII ROCOCO IMMORTELLE, these new scents focus on specific, ultra rare ingredients, aiming to be the most luxurious, indulgent and exclusive treats money can buy – they’re even more expensive than the ravishing X TWIST MYRRH, which was the newest addition to the perfumer’s X Twist Collection this year.

Showing off prominent notes of anise, Peru balsam, and myrrh, the X TWIST MYRRH features a lovely woody-cypre composition and comes in a tiny 50ml Perfume Spray, which is priced at a cool 250 GBP ($322) and it’s available only in Selfridges. But these new fragrances from the Noble Collection are even more exquisite, that’s why we need to get back to them.

Clive Christian Noble Collection

Clive Christian’s Noble VIII collection has been inspired by the charm, lyricism and style of the Rococo movement, and these stunning black bottles, with their distinctive design, seem to complement this theme. The VIII ROCOCO MAGNOLIA opens with fresh citrus notes like bergamot and mandarin orange, mixed with fresh currant leaves, while the heart is made of magnolia blossom, rose bouquet and cinnamon, and the base is a mesmerizing blend of sandalwood and oak moss.

On the other hand, the VIII ROCOCO IMMORTELLE will seduce anyone with a magical citrus blend of bergamot and lemon, followed by immortelle in the heart and a base made of papyrus, oak moss and amber, which give this scent a specific character. Available at Harrods, Bloomingdales and Selfridges, these two Rococo scents will come in 50 ml of Parfum Spray and they will be priced at an astonishing 350 GBP or $451.

It’s no wonder Clive Christian has designed the world’s most expensive perfume.


Clive Christian Noble Collection

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