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Cigarette Racing’s 515 Project One Boat is an AMG-Inspired Treat

By Victor Baker


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515 Project One Boat

The sought after Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar is making some big waves ahead of its official debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show and we’re all very excited. Speaking of waves, Cigarette Racing has just unveiled the next best thing, a jaw dropping performance boat called 515 Project One, that’s obviously drawing inspiration from this highly anticipated hypercar.

The ninth special model born from the unique partnership between Mercedes and Cigarette Racing, this 51.5 feet (15.6m) performance boat is set to excite up to 6 passengers and offer them a comfortable ride towards Nirvana.

With such a great starting point for a vessel, there is no wonder that the 515 Project One is powered by a pair of incredible Mercury Racing quad cam 4 valve engines and M8 stern drives, resulting in 3,100 ponies and the thrills of a lifetime.

But this high speed boat also comes with two key fobs to unlock more performance, with the Race key Fob unleashing up to 1,550 HP on race fuel, while the Pleasure Key Fob will run the boat comfortably at 1,350 HP on 91 octane fuel.

515 Project One Boat

The Cigarette Racing Team 515 Project One is by far one of the most impressive high-performance boats we’ve ever seen, an engineering feat that will inspire generations to come. Featuring a carbon fiber deck and a distinctive matte black and silver paint similar to the road-going counterpart, this beast will most likely make a few people very happy.

We don’t know anything about pricing and availability yet, but if you can afford a Mercedes-AMG Project, getting the matching speed boat from the Cigarette Racing Team is a must. Dream big they say.. What else is new?

515 Project One Boat

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