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Château Grand Barrail Hotel Takes You Back In Time

By Victor Baker


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Château Grand Barrail Hotel

Found somewhere in southwestern France, the charming 19th-century Château Grand Barrail Hotel is filled with many incredible details that might keep you distracted for days on end, while the vines surrounding this magical property are powerful enough to keep you from entering the building. Life was simple a few centuries ago and this is the right place to relive it and appreciate that laid-back lifestyle.

This high-end hotel is actually split between the main Château and three beautiful annexes that offer together 41 rooms and five lavish suites to anyone willing to enjoy life at its fullest – at least, for a short while. Regardless of your choice, an awesome view of the seven-plus acre vineyard is included, with a cozy terrace or a balcony as a welcomed bonus.

Château Grand Barrail Hotel

Château Grand Barrail is the only 19th-century château of the Bordelais right bank, but that is one detail guests might overlook. What’s really important is that it has been put through an extensive renovation process, completed eight years ago, and it now has a wonderful blend of the old and the new – the beautiful and the comfortable.

If you’re feeling hungry, enjoying the fine gastronomy of southwestern France with a rare Bordeaux wine sounds like a dream come, while the stunning frescoes in the Salon Mauresque contribute to a unique dining experience. At the end of the day, the hotel’s lovely Spa Saint Emilion – one of the only medicalized spas in France – will gladly provide you with a wide range of intensive treatments and the perfect end to a sublime evening.

Château Grand Barrail Hotel

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