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The Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection Adds Style To Your Game

By Victor Baker


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Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection

The new golf season has just begun and everyone is out there on the putting green, showing off their new equipment and hopefully some improved skills. But teeing off and sinking one putt after another is even more fun when you manage to impress anyone around you, and that’s exactly where the Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection might come in handy.

A sporty mix between the elegant products from Mercedes-Benz and the high-quality accessories from TaylorMade, this collection includes over a dozen high-quality golf products. TaylorMade’s popular golf cart bag for women is now available in a stylish white-plum colored combination, while new caps and casual sport wristwatches can always be added to your everyday golf attire as well.

Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection

The Ladies’ Sport Chronograph Fashion Watch comes with the same plum-colored highlights as the bag, plus a lovely white face and 12 Swarovski Crystals, while men will get to enjoy a 43 mm Men’s Chronograph Sport Fashion Watch that’s equally appealing. But we don’t know exactly how much you will be telling the time when you’re out there on the golf course.

The high-quality items within the Mercedes-Benz collection also include a golf cart bag for menn, a golf sport bag, a golf shoe bag, the “Corza Lady” golf cart bag for women, the “TourLite” golf stand bag, the “Tour Preferred X” golf ball set and the “Burner Lady” golf ball set. Feel free to purchase the entire set and feel inspired before accepting any challenge.

Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection

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