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Cartier Libre Reimagines Classic Wristwatch Designs

By Victor Baker


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Cartier Libre

Cartier has just left the world in awe once again, taking the wraps off a new exquisite collection of wristwatches for the ladies. Dubbed as the Cartier Libre, this line-up comprises five limited edition models, each of them being a reinterpretation of a classic Cartier watch, with four ovoid Baignoire watches joining a psychedelic Crash Radieuse.

Inspired by the founding myth of the Crash wristwatch, the Crash Radieuse is covered in a shockwave motif that ripples out from the center of the dial. Aside from the recent Crash Skeleton, Cartier has never made any other variations of the Crash, which makes the 18k yellow gold watch – powered by the hand-wound 8970 MC – a very rare treat. Please note that only 50 pieces will ever make their way into our world.

Cartier Libre

The other four Cartier Libre watches are all based on the Baignoire, but each of them is wonderful in its own way. The Baignoire Débordante displays black spinels and diamonds set on a lattice, as well as an 18k white gold case. The Baignoire Infinite, on the other hand, features an inlay of radiating mother of pearl and black spinel tiles, with only 20 pieces available for each.

Fifteen units of the Baignoire Etoilée, featuring precious stones, diamonds and more, will be available as soon as possible. Last, but not least impressive, the Baignoire Interdite with black amorphous diamond-like carbon (ADLC) and diamonds as part of the appeal. This watch is bound to turn at least a few heads and adorn as many as 50 wrists. Which version would you rather have?

Cartier Libre

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