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Burj Jumeira is the Next Skyscraper that will Enrich Dubai’s Stunning Skyline

By Vlad Craciun


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The ever-growing Dubai will soon have a new super skyscraper joining its impressive skyline. Titled Burj Jumeira, this jaw dropping 550 meter tall skyscraper will be built in Downtown Jumeirah district, rising from a lake with the shape of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s fingerprint, the Emirate’s ruler.

Designed by the award winning architectural, urban planning and engineering firm SOM, this supertall skyscraper will probably become a new icon in Dubai’s skyline. At the base of this future tower there will be shops and water fountains and the tower itself will server as a social, cultural and artistic center hosting various activities in the Emirate.

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Raising from one end of the lake, this futuristic building will be composed of two curved structures connected together, that were actually modeled to resemble the region’s topography, with a facade covered in digital displays. At 450 meter high, Burj Jumeira will have a sky lounge complete with sky restaurant and observation decks boasting 360 degree panoramic views of the city.

Besides the numerous events that will be hosted in this future skyscraper, it will also offer the opportunity to skydive for those courageous enough. The design of the building draws inspiration from United Arab Emirates’ desert sand dunes and oases and the tower’s facade will be covered in digital displays that could be used for various occasions and celebrations.

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