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Brikk Already Taking Orders for Luxury iPhone 6

By Brody Patterson


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The highly-anticipated iPhone 6 is still a few months from being released, but with all the buzz surrounding it and Apple’s proven track record when it comes to creating incredible devices, the new smartphone will almost certainly be a huge hit. And if that isn’t enough to make it attractive for affluent consumers, there will always be companies who can give the device a serious aesthetic boost (we’ve shown you some really expensive customized iPhones in the past and even one featuring Vladimir Putin).

One of these companies is Los Angeles-based luxury accessory maker Brikk – and it’s already taking pre-orders for the iPhone 6. The facelift will turn the standard device into a 24-carat yellow or pink gold, platinum, or diamond encrusted thing of beauty, which will be packaged into a “custom metal first aid kit” (probably a nod to all the health tracking features the phone will reportedly have). Pricing for the Brikk iPhone 6 starts at $4,495 and can go up to $8,795, with deliveries to all pre-order clients set to arrive 4 weeks after the smartphone’s official release.



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