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The Gold-Plated, Diamond-Studded Million Dollar iPhone

By Brody Patterson


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The iPhone is widely regarded as one of the best, most influential pieces of hardware out there, so it’s definitely the first choice of “raw material” for luxury customization companies.  One of these companies is Alchemist, a London based luxury brand specializing in gold plating and customizing smartphones in the iPhone range. Their most remarkable piece is a modified iPhone 5, priced at an incredible $1 million.

With such a price tag, it’s probably safe to assume there aren’t many potential buyers, which is OK, since only two of these customized phones have been produced. And a lot of time and effort has definitely been put into the Million Dollar Gold and Diamond iPhone, with Alchemist spending over 5 months to create its most amazing product.

Each of these smartphones is a glittering masterpiece in its own right. The handmade, 24kt gold bezel has 1600 individual flawless diamonds lining its sides, while the 24kt gold plated navigation button features a single cut 2kt diamond. The back of the phone is also plated with 24kt gold and further decorated with 53 beautiful diamonds.

The Million Dollar iPhone comes unlocked for use on any carrier worldwide, and comes with a lifetime guarantee for any technical faults or minor cosmetic issues.

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