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BMW M Design Edition skiis by K2 and BMW’s M division

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We all know what winter means, especially when we are in the middle of it. We believe “winter sports” are the key words to describe this awesome season, while the most common and enjoyable of them all is skiing. Furthermore, if you got some cash put aside and you are the guy/girl that needs the latest in equipment and endowments, then the BMW M K2 skis are the best for you at the moment.

Being designed and built by BMW M division and K2, they incorporate a strong pedigree, plus great craft skill and meticulous attention to detail. They will come as a limited edition of 500 sets, so you would better hurry to get yours. But here, they have a catch: they can’t be actually purchased from retail stores, but can be won during competitions, as prizes.

You have the chance of winning one set at the BMW xDrive Cup, the most-waited event of them all, featuring a 5,000-meter race over slalom, competitors having to get hold of badges along the way. There’s a required amount of 15 badges to have a chance at winning a set.

BMW M have put a lot of effort into the making of these slick sports products, plus they borrowed ideas from their own technologies and implemented them into the skis. Furthermore, co-working with K2, which are elite manufacturers of winter sports gear, they used perfect camber and rocker combinations, for exceptional control and performance, with extraordinary grip, versatility and handling.

Besides these, using Aspen and Paulownia core structure, progressive side-cut, all-terrain rocker plus the option of adding new skins, at customer’s wish, they’ve really crafted a product to draw attention and be up to it at the same time.

Sort out your equipment as soon as possible and subscribe to any competition that has a set of BMW M K2 ski set as prize. Because, be it luck or skill, winning a pair of these will surely bring a smile on your face, if you’re a true winter sports fan, that is.


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