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RockRegeneration Hennessy X.O Mathusalem Cognac

Celebrating the beginning of 2012… Hennessy unveiled a special edition cognac. After collaboration with the world-renowned artist Arik Levy, the Rock Regeneration Hennessey X.O Mathusalem was given birth.

This wasn’t their first collaboration, but the second, Hennessey already having been asked the French artist to join their forces in creating a bottle of cognac during the year that has just passed. Revealing an artistic bottle of cognac has already become a yearly tradition.

The bottle is designed in such a way that makes your salivary glands go into production, with gorgeous curvature, while the liquor inside is beautifully suggested by the “X.O” in the name, which means extra old. And indeed it is a very old cognac. The black case in which it comes has an otherworldly shape, with differently inclined planes, with the Hennessey X.O name imprinted on a side.

The price for such a set we haven’t yet found out, but considering the content of it, we’d suggest eventual buyers to put some cash aside.



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