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Best Hair Perfume in 2023: 15 Scents You Will Surely Love

By Georgiana Grama


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Women’s self-care routines seem to get longer and more complex as the years go by. Buying good quality, long lasting products does make the task a little easier though, so choose wisely. Sometimes it seems like most things are so expensive, but a trick my mother always told me is to spend more the first time for better quality and you end up saving in the long run. She was SO right!

When it comes to hair perfume, you might ask yourself, what is it exactly, and why do I need it? I have perfume, can I just use that instead? We’ll answer these questions for you and then give you a list of the best 15 hair perfumes of 2023. Let’s get right to it.

What exactly is hair perfume?

best hair perfume
Hair perfume is a scented spray which comes in aerosol bottles and you spray them on your hair after styling to have a long-lasting fresh smell. They usually contain more natural oils and a lower percentage of alcohol than regular perfume which prevents dryness.

They also offer you other benefits on top of smelling great: UV Protection, they help detangle your knots, prevent hair static and give it shine while moisturizing your hair all at once. Which answers your other question: the reason you shouldn’t use regular perfume on your hair is because of its higher concentration of alcohol present in perfume which ends up drying your hair too much.

If you want your hair to look healthy with great shine all while smelling great all day long, you should definitely add hair perfume to your regular routine. Here are some of the best hair perfumes to choose from, depending on your preference and budget.

15. Superstitious Hair Mist by Frederic Malle

Definitely a splurge, you will fall in love with the subtle scent of this luxurious hair perfume. Jasmine, peach, vetiver and amber will envelop you with a very pleasant and fresh smell which will last all day.

14. Candy Hair Mist by Prada

This is a classic scent from the house of Prada. Warm and spicy yet light, the white musk and caramel will give your hair a rich scent. You will turn heads and impress many with this sweet fragrance.. You can go from the office till the wee hours with this long lasting hair mist.

13. Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

This multi-purpose hair perfume protects your hair from all types of pollutants while refreshing your scalp all in one with a pleasant smell. Great for fighting UV rays, it gives your hair great shine and keeps your color looking fresh.

12. Tocca Stella Hair Fragrance

Tocca is well known for their line of perfumes and hair mists, and Stella smells amazing. The blood orange, freesia and sandalwood offer a sweet and fiery smell without overwhelming your senses. Lightweight, it offers great moisturizing without weighing your hair down.

11. Silk Perfume by Balmain

This hair perfume is not only great for disguising odours, it acts as a hair care product as well. It contains argan oils and silk proteins which help strengthen your hair while smelling delicious. You can also use it as a leave-in conditioner due to its light texture.

10. Si Hair Mist by Giorgio Armani

This hair perfume smells so good, you will adore its delicate and subtle scent. Blackcurrant notes are pleasantly tickling your senses while the musky wood offers a great base for this little treat. You will enjoy its graceful qualities all day long.

9. Rue St. Honoré Eau de Parfum by Ouai

With a reputation for quality hair care products for years, Ouai is a great choice when it comes to hair mists. With notes of violet blossoms, gardenia and a base of white musk, jasmine and amber, they are blended in these amazing floral accords.

8. Black Opium Hair Mist by Yves Saint Laurent

For the fans of the perfume that goes by the same name you need no introduction. This hair scent is composed of the same mixture of coffee, orange blossom and patchouli as the original fragrance, but it has argan oil which is infused to help nourish your hair as well.

7. Donna Hair Mist by Valentino

The bottle alone would entice anyone to try this hair mist. Beautiful aesthetics, it also smells so good, you will turn heads anywhere you go. The roses and iris, the patchouli and leather base make this smell truly addictive.

6. Carnal Flower Hair Mist by Frederic Malle

Floral yet subtle, this delicate scent infused with tuberose will surely please your olfactory palate. Its delicate texture will not weigh down your hair so you can easily wear it all day. A great choice to consider, although a little on the expensive side.

5. Miss Dior Hair Mist by Dior

Another hair mist from a popular fashion house, it smells just like the original perfume. Italian mandarin married with rose and patchouli give out a sensual sweet fragrance Miss Dior is loved for. For the elegant yet seductive woman.

4. Gucci Bloom Hair Mist

Rich and long lasting, this hair mist is also one of their great products. Gucci is known for the great quality they provide throughout their brand, and they do not disappoint . With notes of tuberose, jasmine and creeper Bloom offers a lovely floral accord which you will surely appreciate.

3. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Hair Mist

Another beautifully presented signature bottle, the explosion of florals in this hair mist will last long after you called it a night. This irresistible smell is made from notes of jasmine, patchouli bergamot , blended with the fruity aromas of orange blossom and nectarine. Yum!

2. Chanel No.5 – The Hair Mist

Pretentious maybe, Chanel’s play on words is making a statement on its own. Just like their legendary scent, Chanel is made for the classic woman. Its May rose and jasmine notes are more subtle than in the original perfume, but the benefits it provides your hair are worth it.

1. Bal D’Afrique Hair Mist by Byredo

This nourishing hair mist is the ultimate choice in this category. Notes of negroli, violet, jasmine and bergamot are balanced perfectly with Moroccan cedarwood, which makes the scent absolutely heavenly. And, to top it off, your hair will feel so soft and shiny you will be grateful you picked one up.

If you were to cut on something, why not skip the perfume and invest into a great hair mist instead? Sounds like a fair tradeoff, no? I’ll leave the decision up to you.


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