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10 Best iPhone Cases for Your New iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

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Apple is still a leader in the smartphone market and their newest releases, the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 ProMax have been seriously improved from last year’s models, with better cameras, the latest A14 chip, 5G support and bigger OLED screens with ceramic shields.

But let’s face it, glass is glass, and no matter what type of material they use, it is still prone to breaking unless protected it’s by a case. Another addition to the new iPhone 12 line-up is the compatibility with MagSafe accessories.

Of course, some of you might wonder what exactly is MagSafe?

Simply put, it is a magnetic power connector which allows you to charge your phone wirelessly. There are also some accessories such as the chargers and wallets which you can superpose on the back of your iphone 12 and keep your phone charged all day.

The original MagSafe charger was designed in 2006 for the MacBook, MacBook air and MacBook Pro, but it has been reintroduced for the new iPhone 12 this year.

Since the iPhone 8, Apple uses wireless charging for their phones, but the MagSafe is becoming more popular and, well, safe! Although some of the cases we will look at are not MagSafe compatible, so keep that in mind, they offer great protection for your device.

Here’s a look at some of the best cases that you can consider for your iPhone:

10. Nomad Rugged Case – Best Leather Case

For leather lovers out there, this sleek and simple iPhone 12 case is your best bet. A sleek minimalist design will not only look great, but the polycarbonate body offers great protection.

It is also equipped with an internal shock absorption bumper and a raised TPE (or Thermoplastic Elastomer) edge for maximum screen protection. Great looking and great protection against drops.

9. Oakywood Wooden Case – Best Wooden Case

Lovely case made from real walnut, it is actually more affordable than it looks. The polycarbonate base offers great protection against drops, although the front edges do not stick out as much so it’s likely that the screen might not get as much protection as you’d like.

A good looking iPhone case made from sustainable materials, but not compatible with MagSafe accessories.

8. Spigen Liquid Air – Best Cheap iPhone 12 Case

One of the cheapest cases on the market, this no fuss case offers great bang for your buck. Made of thermoplastic polyurethane and a nice sturdy bumper, this inexpensive iPhone 12 case is worth considering. It has a slim minimalist design, so it is stylish while doing its job properly.

Even the MagSafe charger stays attached, and the buttons are easy to access. Great option for those who like simple things without breaking the bank.

7. Cyrill Cecile – Best Flower Case

Cyrill is a sub-brand of Spigen ,so you get a nice flowery design for a great price all while protecting your precious phone. Those cases have a feminine design but are clear, so you can still see the colour of your iPhone.

Their edges are raised and the case is equipped with the Air Cushion technology that Spigen is known for which helps with drops and falls.Just like with the previous model we looked at the buttons are easy to access and it is also works with the Magsafe charger.

6. OtterBox Defender Pro – Best Protective Case

For those of you looking for ultimate protection, OtterBox is known to deliver. Not as slim looking and elegant as some other models, this is a sturdier iPhone case which is one of the best on the market at the moment.

If you’re someone who likes to take off your case on a regular basis, this is like a little workout, so be warned. Made from the reliable polycarbonate shell, it does come in two pieces which you need to attach over your phone and snap shut.

5. Nimble Disc Case – Best Recycled Case

This iPhone 12 case is so cool, it’s recycled from old CDs and DVDs! I mean, this clear case which showcases the iphone’s original colours is not only cute but environmentally friendly. The material is anti-scratch and the raised edges protect the screen from drops.

Even the packaging is plastic free, and another cool feature is the ‘permanent antimicrobial protection”. No, it does not protect against Covid-19, but it claims to block bacteria that cause stains and odours. Still pretty amazing though!

4. OtterBox Otter and Pop Symmetry – Best Pop Socket Case

Another popular feature on phones these days are the Pop Sockets. Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you know what a Pop Socket is. I mean, these days phones are large enough to be considered mini computers, and for people with smaller hands it is quite a task to hold it without dropping it.

This OtterBox iPhone 12 case comes with a PopTop already included, so you don’t need to stress about that anymore. Plus they’re very attractive too.

3. Totallee Case – Thinnest iPhone 12 Case

This one is definitely designed for those of you who absolutely despise cases. But with iPhones costing a mini fortune these days, a case is an absolute must.

It is so thin you barely even notice it on, and the thermoplastic polyurethane is sturdy enough to protect against drops and scratches. Another positive thing about it being so thin is that it works well with the MagSafe accessories. A few good reasons to convert to using a case.

2. Lifeproof Wake Case – Best Sustainable Case

This is another iPhone 12 case which is made of about 85% ocean recycled plastic. These days when making shopping decisions, protecting the environment is becoming one of the most important factors when choosing a product.

Most phone cases are made of plastic, but more and more companies are looking for sustainable ideas, and Lifeproof is one of the leaders. The rounded edge is also a nice touch, not to mention that it is MagSafe compatible.

1. Apple Silicone Case – Best Magsafe Case

Of course, the top of the list has got to be an original Apple product. Who else designs their products better and makes sure all the features are included? It wouldn’t be a MagSafe case if it would not attach to all available MagSafe accessories such as the charger and wallet.

The inside of the case is made out of microfiber lining, and like the rest of the case, it feels so soft all while protecting your phone from scratches and falls. Always the best choice when you’re a die-hard fan of anything Apple!

This is just a summary of some of the best iPhone 12 cases available on the market right now, but no doubt in the coming months we’ll have some new additions to this list.

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