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Rocky Mountaineer’s Glass-Domed Train Takes You to the Scenic Southwest

By Victor Baker


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If you’ve seen our list with the world’s most luxurious trains, you probably know a thing or two about Rocky Mountaineer and the magical train rides they offer through the Rockies. The company has put plenty of fresh locomotives to work, in their effort to resurrect the charm and majesty of old-school train travel, and we have to give them a lot of praise for that.

But today we have more good news from Rocky Mountaineer. The family-owned Canadian outfit has introduced a new luxurious, glass-domed train, designed to take passengers on a wonderful trip across the scenic Southwest. Rocky Mountaineer’s first train tour in the United States goes from The Rockies to the Red Rocks – an unforgettable trip we’d all love to take. 

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Set in the region where train travel began, this train ride would be a two-day journey, following a historic rail route from Denver, Colorado, to Moab, Utah.

As you can imagine, the magnificent scenery along the way is spectacular, while the treats you might serve on board aim to match those breathtaking landscapes. 

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If you think you’ll be staying aboard the train the whole way, you are wrong; this scenic train ride is broken up by an overnight stay in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Here, in this idyllic resort town, unmatched Rocky Mountain views and soothing hot springs will impress every single traveler – this place has been doing that for years and years.. What better place to unwind?

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If long train rides aren’t exactly your cup of tea, don’t worry, the spacious glass-domed cars from Rocky Mountaineer are extremely comfortable as well.

The spectacular scenery and the vibes it sends out won’t be ruined by a bumpy ride, and when you’re feeling hungry, five-star service and the most subtle regional delicacies will tease your senses.

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Furthermore, the SilverLeaf Plus package offers access to the lounge car and some signature cocktails.  The scenic two-day trip in the Southwest starts at $1,250 per person, including the aforementioned one-night hotel stay, with the route set to open in August 2021.

The company is planning to have 40 departures between August 15 and October 23, 2021, which means there is still time to book your dream train ticket. I would hurry, though.

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Moreover, if you’d like to have the same experience, with glass-domed cars and breathtaking scenery, but in Canada, you should know that Rocky Mountaineer also offers three rail routes between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies. Not a bad way to spend your free time, is it?

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