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Bang & Olufsen’s Harmonies Collection is Perfect for Any Home

By Victor Baker


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Bang & Olufsen Harmonies Collection

Home interiors are becoming more and more colorful nowadays, that’s why Bang & Olufsen has decided to bring new life to some the brand’s existing products, to make sure they complement any modern living space in the best way possible.

Showing off the company’s renowned minimalist design, mixed with a beautiful natural green color, the new Harmonies collection comprises five wireless speakers decorated with this lush shade, that seems to go from golden glimmers to eye catching greens, depending on your perspective, reflections or light.

Versatile, organic-looking and state of the art, these audio products will most likely put a smile on everyone’s faces and get them listening to their favorite tracks instantly.

Bang & Olufsen Harmonies Collection

The Harmonies suite aims to create the impression of an indoor urban garden, with the Beosound 1, Beosound 2, Bbeoplay A9, Beoplay M5 and the Beosound 35 joining in on the party. Inspired by nature and music, this limited edition family forms an audio-pleasing, high-quality ecosystem that could easily bring any home environment to life.

The speakers from this collection are not only aesthetically aligned, but they are also specially designed to perform in perfect symbiosis. And thanks to their multi room functionality, these wireless speakers can also play contrasting music in separate roms or alternatively, simply controlled via a smartphone or tablet app.

Bang & Olufsen Harmonies Collection

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