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Bali’s Stunning Katamama Resort is a Hidden Gem

By Victor Baker


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Nestled somewhere along Bali’s stunning Petitenget Beach Katamama is an incredible resort that looks exactly like an authentic Indonesian hideaway, with all the charm that goes with it. Clad in beautiful red brick, Katamama’s creation has been the result of a labor of love, by a skilled group of artisans who tried to create the perfect refuge from all your worries.

The blissful paradise island of Bali is probably the best place to disconnect from the real world, although this high-end resort, if we can call it that way, easily stands out of the shadows thanks to its vicinity to several shopping and dining places, and the island’s entertainment center.


Every detail across the resort’s 58 suites has been handmade or handpicked, keeping in line with Indonesia’s centuries-old traditions, while blending modern touches with this laid-back atmosphere. Guests may enjoy an incredible array of amenities at Katamama, including organic bath products, complimentary Wi-Fi and an in-room bar.

But you won’t be spending too much time in your room here, as this luxurious resort is also home to two dining and imbibing outlets, called MoVida and Akademi, that will try to surprise you with tasty delights. Katamama also boasts a 24-hour fitness center and a roomy outdoor swimming pool, so you might not have to leave this place at all.


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