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Odo Fioravanti’s Incredible Bern Clutch is a Fine Example Of Swiss Urban Style

By Victor Baker


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Bern Clutch

The gorgeous Bern Clutch before you has been imagined by the renowned Italian industrial designer Odo Fioravanti, after the grandeur and incredible urban structure of the city of Bern, a beautiful town that’s not only the capital of Switzerland, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Designed for Maison 203, this stunning clutch looks more like a 3D printed sculpture, evoking the bending and parallel roads of the Swiss capital, with a succession of uninterrupted sinuous lines that will surely grab everyone’s attention wherever you go.

The Bern Clutch has seen the light of day at the 2017 Edition of Maison et Objet in Paris, and it will apparently go up for sale pretty soon, at Maison 203’s flagship store in Venice.

Bern Clutch

Futuristic in nature, the elegant fashion accessory shows off rounded blades that create a uniform structure which strengthens and conceals the bag clasp in the most beautiful way possible. Available in metallic black, copper and gold, this wonderful clutch is finished off by a thin metal chain that will help any lady to adorn it like a chic shoulder bag.

Odo Fioravanti’s amazing creation completes a collection of accessories with the same name, which includes five items: a necklace, a bracelet, earrings in two different sizes and cuff links, and of course, this piece, that just can’t be ignored. Why would we?

Bern Clutch

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