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Bahrain’s Janubiya Villa Could be Yours for $12 Million

Janubiya Villa

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a premiere on Luxatic. It’s the first time we’re featuring a luxury home from Bahrain on our website, and it’s an absolute stunner! Covering 22,604 square feet of luxurious living areas, this incredible mansion, called Janubiya Villa, displays an overwhelming collection of premier furniture, lavish finishes and high-quality materials.

Located in an exclusive residential area of Al Janubiyah, in Bahrain of course, this property is out on the market for anyone who’s willing to spend $12 million for a dream vacation home in this unique part of the world. Would you love to brag about your new home boasting a massive swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, not to mention the expensive toys in your garage?

Janubiya Villa

If the next owners of the Janubiya Villa will expect high standards of living, with modern system managements for security and air conditioning, they won’t be disappointed, at all! This lavish property aims to impress you wherever you go, from the charming family room,  to the formal dining room, or the professional kitchen that’s packed with all things necessary or not.

If you’re already thinking about Friday night entertainment, a cinema, bar and many other amenities are there for your guests’ enjoyment. The second floor of this mansion is where the place where guest bedrooms and a stunning master bedroom suite, with luxurious custom-designed fittings, aim to offer a good night’s rest.

The villa also comes with amazing outdoor areas, featuring landscaped gardens, a gorgeous swimming pool, a gymnasium room and a multi-purpose room that will help you take a load off.

Janubiya Villa



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